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Guide to Backpacking in Cuba

Cuba is alleged to be a country at a crossroads; and with the recent speed of change vacationers would be prudent to go to the land before its romanticized history becomes the things of memories. With a profusion of things to view and carry out, the country is a favored place for budget travellers led by an idea of being adventurous.



The Sights to See

Discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, the Caribbean island of Cuba has a fascinating story now centered upon the lifetime of renowned revolutionary Che Guevera and the reign of Fidel Castro.




Both the museum at Santa Clara and Havana’s Museo de la Revolucion provide a backdrop for those people seeking to grasp modern day Cuba. Located close is the Granma cabin cruiser, during which Castro and Che almost drowned in 1956.

Somewhere else in Cuba, attractions include the cultural city of Santiago and the spectacular beauty of stalactites and also stalagmites in the caves of Pinar del Rio. Havana’s oldest fort is additionally a view which ought to not be missed and easy pleasures such as an informal stroll along the El Malecon seawall and a guided tour of the Havana Club Rum Factory will enlighten any backpacking getaway.




Food items and Beverages

Cuban food is a cacophony of Caribbean, Spanish and African influences with black beans, rice, pork and plantains used a great deal in the regional eating habits. Criollo or creole food is served in a paladere, or personal residence, and supplies travellers a low-cost and genuine dining experience. Eating places owned by the govt. are considerably pricier and the employees frequently rely on tips for income.


havana-cuba music


Cuban bars are forever spirited and serve special rum cocktails like the mojito and Cuba Libre. Venues frequently offer great live music with Cubans by no means requiring a reason to pick up the guitar and go into into unprompted singing. Those that make it to Santiago should not miss performances of son cubano, an original variety of music emerging in Cuba and the inspiration for salsa, at the Casa de la Trova.



Whereabouts To Lodge

For the entire Cuban experience, reside in Cuba hostels, or casas particulares, which are private hotels tailored for those travelling and backpackers. Havana hostels generally involve a room in a personal home. This sort of lodging is copious and of excellent value with prices fluctuating dependent on services and position. As food and other different services are prone to cost additional, consequently backpackers with a really stringent financial plan should make sure they ask concerning these costs when they arrive.



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