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Best Beaches in Barbados

Best Beaches in Barbados

The tropical island of Barbados possesses numerous gorgeous beaches. The Beaches of Barbados are varied and we all have our own favourite. The western shores are home to calmer conditions and offer you the opportunity to unwind onshore bathing in the rays or enjoy a gentle swim dip in azure waters. You may wish to go snorkeling or try your hand at kayaking, Jet skiing or a catamaran trip. The southern part of the island offers perfect sandy beaches guarded by way of coral reefs.


Best Beaches in Barbados


The surf in this area is fantastic for numerous water sports for instance kite surfing, windsurfing, and boogie boarding.  On the eastern coast, the beaches are extensive and windy. The Atlantic surf causing it to be a joy for the surfers that take advantage of the conditions to practice their sport. The northern part of the island has coral and sandstone cliffs which climb directly from the sea to the unexpected sheltered coves to enjoy.


Bottom Bay Beach

Bottom Bay Beach is a spacious expanse of white sands featuring coconut palms and shallow reefs at the water’s edge. This absolutely stunning castaway beach, and is situated on the South East region of the island, and is close to Sam Lord’s Castle. It is possible to park at the top part of the cliff and access the beach via some steps. The beach does not possess a lot of amenities but could be a nice setting for a family picnic. You can find some good spots to paddle in the exceptionally blue sea, and the bay furthermore generates somewhat larger waves, suitable for boogie boarding.


Batts Rock Beach

Batts Rock Beach is the start of numerous beaches with crystal clear waters and white sands on the Western Barbados coast. The Beach is fantastic for long walks and The colourful reefs and tranquil waters are wonderful snorkeling and swimming The Beach, in addition, has some useful public facilities such as showers and parking as well as a lifeguard station. The children’s playground means this is a super area for family picnics.

Miami Beach

Upon the southern coast of Barbados, you will discover Miami Beach, also referred to as Enterprise Beach. This ample stretch of beach is hardly ever congested throughout the week, however, is a well-liked by locals at the weekends and also for public holidays. The beach is 250-yards in length with glorious white sands and situated on the edge of the fishing village of Oistins. The western part of Miami Beach presents peaceful waters and is the perfect location for children to paddle and enjoy swimming.



Silver Rock Beach

Silver Rock Beach can be found on the Southern coast and is an extremely popular destination for kitesurfers and windsurfers.This beach consists of lofty sand banks and even though the water is normally risk-free for swimming, at specific times in the year whenever a swell flows through, the currents can possibly be really strong. Silver Rock beach is currently where you can find Silver Point Hotel where possible to agree to pay the small fee to enjoy the day by the pool or have a little lunch break while observing the kitesurfers carrying out ariel tricks. This can be quite a sight all enjoyed from the convenience of the Silver Rock Hotel deck. On the other hand, you may wish to have a go yourself by simply making enquires at the watersports site located on the beach.

Belair Bay

If you venture down a peaceful residential road at Belair on the south-eastern coast of Barbados you may well reach the stunning Belair Bay. Within this tranquil bay, aqua blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean cascade onto sand filled beaches resulting in a white bubbly surf. The sea at this point is extremely dynamic and is most suited for those who happen to be adept swimmers. It is also a great place for enjoying a bit of boogie boarding. Be sure to take in the outlook from the clifftops all around the bay as they are truly awe-inspiring.



Surfer’s Point

Situated on the south-east coast of Barbados Surfer’s Point is, as the name indicates, a popular destination for surfers. Nevertheless, it’s not merely surfing with boards which are practiced at this beach. The beach also possesses the ideal environment for the activities of windsurfing, kayaking, kitesurfing and boogie boarding.

The less ambitious can merely watch the watersport enthusiasts find the waves and breeze, whilst newcomers are able to rapidly pick up the skills with the welcoming and professional training of local instructors. Not only that but this is an excellent place to park up for a picnic while out on the road traveling about Barbados.

Little Bay Beach

Little Bay is the ideal destination to take a break on an island excursion. The bay itself is positioned in the middle of a section of craggy cliffs and provides a superb pool which is safe and secure for taking a swim. Outside the reef area that encloses the bathing spot, the sizable Atlantic waves crash on the rocks inducing awesome waterspouts which arrive through little blowholes. The impacts are a superb opportunity to get terrific photographs when you capture the spray in the right position.



Crane Beach

This lengthy and broad expanse of pink-tinged whitish sand, enclosed by way of palm groves plus limestone cliffs, is perhaps viewed by many as Barbados’ most striking beach. Crane Beach, was formerly a harbour, is thought by many people to be among the island’s most breathtaking beaches. Believe it or not, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ranked it as among the best ten beaches in on earth. You will discover powerful waves within this spot, causing the Crane beach to be a fantastic destination for boogie boarding. The Crane Resort & Residences, sitting on the cliff over the beach, has been a desired location with honeymooners from when it opened in the year of 1867.

Ju Ju’s Beach

Ju Ju’s Beach can be found on the Western coastline of Barbados and is wonderful for taking a swim. The beach has access to a reef near to the shoreline where you are able to readily go swimming with the turtles. The beach is also great for snorkeling and so be sure to pack your mask. You also have the opportunity to rent umbrellas and loungers if you should decide to spend the whole day chilling out and taking it easy. For those in search of a little excitement, there is a choice of water sports available, which you’ll be able to rent from the vendors on the beach. The beach can be busy with the locals as well as the tourists so lunchtimes can be a bit hectic.and at Check out the spectacular sunsets in the evenings which are truly out of this world.


Paynes Bay

Another potential candidate for the finest beach on the western coastline is Paynes beach. The glorious fine white sand and superb swimming and its size really make the beach stand out. Its generally fairly easy to locate some isolated areas and a real bonus is the fact that you can often find some turtles out in the bay to take a dip with. The size of the beach means it is a fantastic place to take a stroll and take in the treasures of Barbados. There is an incredible little reef to snorkel and soak up the vibrant colors of the marine life. There is an assortment of places to get a bite to eat ranging from daytime snacks and some more meal like options.


Cattlewash Beach

Cattlewash Beach can be found on the Eastern coastline of Barbados, and this beach is clearly visible when you drive on the East coast road. The beach itself is an enormous strip of sand which is again well suited for enjoying long walks throughout the day. The scarcity of hotels and other buildings accentuates the scenic beauty of the beach. The craggy hill views and Atlantic winds just seem to add to the rough charm of the place. While the sea may appear very tempting swimming is not advised as treacherous undercurrents exist in the area.



Accra Beach

Accra Beach is an extensive curvature of a whitish sandy beach and a busy, dynamic and one of the best parts of the southern coast. The beach caters for all types of beachgoer including locals, families, tourists and couples. As the water is pretty shallow for a good distance there are lots opportunities for kids and parents to have fun. Alternatively, you could stroll up and down the beach or simply chill in the shade.  If you are looking for refreshments there are some huts offering beer and burgers.

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