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Best Places to Visit in Croatia – 3 Jewels of Croatia

The eastern European country of Croatia has extensive coastlines on the Adriatic Sea and more than a thousand islands and is traversed by the Dinaric Alps and scattered with an assortment of castles. The capital of Croatia and its largest city is Zagreb. The natural geographic environment of Croatia makes it one of the most beautiful of all the European countries to visit.



The pleasures Croatia have a timeless quality from its immaculate beaches with rocky coves to the picturesque ports and ancient Roman ruins. The terrain of the country is varied with its lakes and northern plains. The country boasts an abundance of rocky islands, woods and the beaches are widespread across the entire coast line of Croatia. In this article I outline 3 of the best places to visit in Croatia starting with the wonderful beaches of the country.


The Amphitheater Pula Croatia Istria Antique

Best Places to Visit in Croatia – 3 Jewels of Croatia


Croatia beaches

Croatia’s beaches are thought by many to be the primary Croatian tourist attraction. Croatia’s beaches are certainly among the finest in the Mediterranean and many say the world. A good proportion of the beaches in Croatia are awarded a blue flag, the international award for purity of the sea in addition to quality of the beach. Croatia’s coastal weather conditions are practically tropical in terms of heat during the summer season and coupled with lovely warm nights it all adds up to a wonderful beach holiday.


Croatia Makarska Beach


Brela Beach is considered to be the best of all Croatia’s beaches and has also been put forward as the best beach within Europe. Situated along the Makarska Coast, this beach provides 6 kilometres of gravelly sand easing into the ultra clear waters of the Mediterranean sea. Its numerous coves are framed by tall pine trees, which adds to the romance and beauty of the beach making it the perfect location for honeymooning couples.


Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Best Places to Visit in Croatia


For those among you who adore windsurfing Zlatni Rat Beach is a must visit destination beach. Its beautiful pebbly beach can be transformed into a windsurfers paradise with the right combination of wind and waves. Another fantastic Croatian Beach is Paradise Beach, this is also a well loved vacation spot. The Beach itself is situated in Lopar village and is the most frequented of the 22 sandy beaches on Rab Island. The beaches shallow bay functions as an ideal learning beach for swimming novices and younger swimmers.


Croatia Dubrovnik Old Town Sea Adriatic Sea



Dubrovnik is located in Southern Dalmatia and is the most attractive part of the Adriatic coast. Dubrovnik itself is among the most gorgeous cities situated on the Croatian coast. One thing that really stands out about Dubrovnik is the astounding medieval stone walls which surround the center. The pristine white-walled town is a maze of streets with elongated narrow alleys with a profusion of stairs snaking down from its fortifications. The town is alive with the buzz of cafes and small shops scattered in its streets. Overflowing with striking architecture and detailed sculptures, Dubrovnik features fantastic monasteries, churches, museums and other monuments.


Dubrovnik Walls Bastions


Be sure to visit Sponza Palace a 16th-century palace with an inner courtyard which was erected in a combination of Gothic and Renaissance styles between the years  1516 and 1522. Another place of interest is the Franciscan monastery, situated at the Placa, the main street of Dubrovnik. The first monastery was constructed during the 13th century external to the walls. A newer monastery was erected inside the walls and close to the Pile Gate, in the year 1317, however its building required hundreds of years  to complete. The impressive church of St. Blasius constructed in 1715 has outstanding steps, an elaborate façade and dome and is certainly well worth a look.



Croatia Dubrovnik Europe City Old Architecture


One of the main attractions of a Dubrovnik tourist visit is the Stradun, the central street of the city. The fortifications of the buildings on either side of this cobbled street were on one occasion submerged under the sea. There are many cafes in the street where you can enjoy a fine cup of coffee while soaking up the rich Croatian culture.


Croatia Old Town Dubrovnik Steeple Building


The Old Town a Host of Historical Riches

The whole of Old Town of Stari Grad happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The principal places of interest comprise of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which was constructed upon the remnants of an earlier Romanesque chapel and also a stunning old Franciscan Monastery. Therefore if you are longing for a certain amount of cultural pleasure, you absolutely have to holiday in Dubrovnik.


Croatia Building Old Town Church


The island of Hvar

According to the Traveller Magazine the Island of Hvar is amongst the ten most beautiful islands on the planet. In addition to the usual sunshine, beach and sea there are a number of adventurous activities to take part in. On the island of Hvar, you have the option of going windsurfing, mountain biking, hiking, sea kayaking, sailing or perhaps climbing. Hiking is certainly a great way to uncover the true splendour and appeal of the island of Hvar. There are pre prepared routes for you to enjoy allowing you to sample the delights of the islands abundant historical and traditional heritage.


Hvar Adriatic Sea Croatia Beautiful Coastline


For those of you who love climbing, there are a number of places on the island, for both newcomers and skilled climbers to enjoy. You have the opportunity to go rock climbing throughout the entire year, due to the mild Mediterranean weather conditions and the numerous hours of sun.



Aside from being amongst the most gorgeous of the Croatian islands, Hvar is also well-known as a top party location within Croatia. It is ideal for those people looking to party in a high profile spot and take pleasure in the elite tourism. Many of the world’s top celebrities like to party on the The island of Hvar. However even if you don’t want to splash the cash, Hvar can be right for you with various beach clubs and restaurants.


Hvar Croatia Ship Sea Jadran Sailing Boat

Best Places to Visit in Croatia – Final Thoughts


To unearth the hidden gems and gain pleasure from the immense beautiful vibrant scenery of Croatia you really should arrange a trip to this incredible vacation spot. Stay in this historical land which has a mild warm climate, crystal clear waters and stunning beaches. Combine all this with the fascinating history and cultural traditions, delicious food plus first-class wines and you will have a trip to truly remember.


Croatia Pflitvice Lake

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