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Best Places to Visit in Menorca

Menorca meaning “smaller Island” is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Named in relation to Majorca which is the largest Island, Menorca is the second largest. Known as being a far more tranquil and low-key Island than either Majorca or Ibiza, this is the place to come to if you really want to relax and kick back for a week or so.


Best Places to Visit in Menorca

Best Places to Visit in Menorca

The Island has a plethora of beautiful sandy beaches, in fact there are more beaches on Menorca than Majorca and Ibiza combined. The Island is also rich in flora and fauna and is an exceptionally pretty Island to stay on.

Known for its collection of megalithic stone monuments as well, this is an Island that is rich in heritage and culture as well as beauty. Menorca is the place to visit if you want a relaxing Mediterranean holiday, its unspoilt beauty means that it is an Island that is very enjoyable to walk around with stunning coastlines and scenery and great places to eat out and enjoy yourself of an evening.


As well as natural beauty and rich heritage, Menorca also boasts some very impressive ports. Citudella, which was the ancient Capital of Menorca until 1722 has a stunning waterfront where you can observe many impressive yachts and boats as well as the Capital Port Mahon. This is an Island with picturesque towns, stunning natural scenery, beautiful beaches and a quiet laid back pace
of life in short this is a place that you need to visit.



What to visit in Menorca.

The main tourist areas of Menorca are along the South Coast of the Island and they include the resorts of Santo Tomas, Binebecca and Punta Prima to name a few. One of the prettiest by far is Binebecca, which is definitely worth a visit.


Binebecca Vell.


Binebecca is a small picture postcard, traditional fishing village. This coastal village is unspoilt by much commercial development which gives it a great deal of charm and beauty. This is an ideal location for families and couples and for people wanting a quieter, more relaxed place to holiday. The beaches are very safe, with shallow waters which make it the perfect place for children and there are plenty of things to see and do within walking distance.



This is not a built up holiday area with no big hotels but you will find lots of holiday homes to rent giving you a home away from home feel. There are a number of bars and restaurants which are within walking
distance for people in search of some nightlife and it is also close to Mahon and Es Castell if you are looking for livelier entertainment.


Most of the day time entertainment in Binebecca will center around the beach. The area is a great place to do some snorkelling in the sheltered bay and there are also electric fun boats to hire at the beach as well. The beach offers a shaded picnic area and play area for children.


In the evening there are a selection of restaurants at each end of the resort though quiet and relaxed so head elsewhere if you are looking for very lively evening entertainment.
The real delight of Binebecca is the mock fishing village. Designed by Spanish architect Antonio Sintes in 1972, this is the ideal place to go to when wanting to escape the heat of the afternoon sun. The whole area is traffic free so is an ideal place to wander around with some souvenir shops and restaurants to stop off at.



Although only a small place it is full of charm and a delightful couple of hours can be spent walking around this mock village with its maze of narrow streets and Moorish arches. The whole place is spotlessly clean
and offers spectacular views  along the coastline. The white washed walls with fragrant bougenvilla winding up them add to the beauty of the a ea and a walk in the evening when the sun is setting and the lights start to come on will be one of the highlights of your holiday.


Ciutadella de Menorca


Ciutadella de Menorca or Citudella as it is more commonly known is one of the two primary cities on Menorca and is situated on the West coast of the Island. This is a stunning city to walk around and is rich in history and culture. This is still the religious center of the Island and the Cathedral of Menorca is located here. The Cathedral is to be found in the old quarter of Menorca and was built in 1287
on the foundations of a mosque in the Catalan Gothic style.


As well as the Cathedral, there are many other impressive buildings to be seen in Citudella. The main square in Citudella, Plaça d’es Born has a real grace about it with many fine buildings. The center of the square has a very impressive obelisk which was erected to commemorate those who died during the Turkish invasion. There are many 17th Century Italian style buildings in the city as well as a very pleasing old quarter with many narrow streets to explore.


The city is known as Vella i Bella meaning old and beautiful and its easy to understand why. The turbulent past of the city has made it what it is today, having been almost destroyed back in 1558 following a Turkish invasion, it was then practically rebuilt in the 17th Century and much of the splendour and beauty that was designed  and erected during that period is what is still standing today.



Son Catlar – Megalithic Village.

Menorca is often referred to as the Mediterranean’s largest open air museum due to the large number of prehistoric sites that abound. They can be spotted from almost everywhere you go, driving along a road side, in the middle of a farmer’s field, they are numerous and dot the landscape as giant relics from the past.



Close to Citudella is Son Catlar a megalithic village that is well worth paying a visit to.This site has a very impressive wall that stretches for 1/2 a mile and which encloses the site. For anybody interested in stepping back in time then this is a site that is one that shouldn’t be missed. The peace and tranquility of the site lends itself to a moment of contemplation, to think of times past and what life was like for the ancient cultures that lived on Menorca many years ago.


Where to visit in Menorca – Final words.


Menorca is such a beautiful Island to visit that it will no doubt become a favourite destination place when you have been there. Whether you are looking to have just a relaxing beach holiday or take in the culture and history of the Island, you will find the perfect balance of the two in this wonderful part of the World.



The locals are warm and friendly and go out of their way to be welcoming, making you feel at home from the moment that you arrive. The food is wonderful, with generally perfect weather and great resorts that are quite and relaxed whilst still offering you plenty to do.



It is an Island that can be enjoyed at anytime of the year although it does get very hot during the height of the Summer months. I have always found that September is the perfect month to enjoy this stunning Island, with the sea still warm, the days still very pleasant and a relaxed atmosphere wherever you go. One thing is for sure, this perfect Balearic Island is somewhere to relax and enjoy yourself and the nicest place to spend some quality time.

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