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Corfu Best Places to Visit – 3 Star Attractions

Corfu is the northern most of the Ionian Islands situated off the west coast of Greece. It has been a hugely popular destination for holiday makers for many years. Corfu itself is overflowing in myths and many stories of the Ancient Greek world. A Holiday in Corfu can offer you a real insight into Ionian history. Corfu has an abundance of both ancient monuments and relics which are a testament to many thousands of years of civilization.


vlaherna-monastery- corfu


A key attraction of holidays in Corfu is the blend of thrilling and adventure filled activities together with a number of serene peaceful locations. For instance you may decide to take a kayak journey off the coastline where you will encounter some beautiful quiet bays. There are entirely vacant beaches which appear unaffected by human existence and are bursting with a multitude of vegetation and sea life which has the capacity to captivate any tourist and convert them to a nature lover.




In the event you travel inland on the island of Corfu, you will more than likely encounter hidden village locations. There are also some beautiful places within the mountains to discover such as, olive groves. There are also an abundance of high-quality diving schools available for you to discover the treasure hiding below the waters . Other activities to fill your holiday in Corfu could include sailing and windsurfing. You may just desire to laze about on the beach but for those looking for other interesting places to go I have highlighted 3 intriguing destinations.


Corfu Best Places to Visit

Corfu Best Places to Visit

Corfu Best Places to Visit – 3 Star Attractions



Why not go to see the village resort of Roda lying on Corfu’s northern coast. Historically a fishing village, the region has kept its distinct personality while evolving into a well-liked venue for vacationers. The old village continues to reside in the middle of the venue and the local people mingle with the diverse visitors from many other countries. There is a good range of lodging, bars and places to eat that supply many different types of food. You can find typically Greek dishes along with Chinese and Italian to name but a few. Roda continues to be a laid back venue although it has a first-class night life scene with singers, bands and also some comedy shows. For those people searching for a relaxed getaway, Roda could be the location.


Old Fortress Old Town of Corfu

The Old Fortress of Corfu happens to be among the most outstanding fortification works within Europe. The Fortress is actually the very first feature you see as you approach the island of Corfu. The Old Fortress is divided from the remainder of the town by means of a moat and was constructed by the Venetians in the year  1546 upon the site of a Byzantine castle. The two peaks of the fortress gave the island its name. If you look westwards, you will see a stunning view of the town and on the eastern side you can see the mountains of the Albania coast.





While the majority of the Venetian fortifications internally were eradicated by the British these were then supplanted with buildings, such as the Church of St. George, constructed to resemble a Doric temple. The Old Fortress is truly fascinating and you can certainly enjoy the amazing views. One thing to note however it is rather a large site with many steps consequently not that appropriate if you suffer with knee troubles.


Old Perithia

Old Perithia is a Heritage Protected Site and also Corfu’s Oldest Village. The village is 408 metres above sea level and sits beneath Mount Pantokrator.  Formerly it was used as a hideout from pirate assaults having a look out tower from which you were able to observe but could not be viewed from the sea. The village itself, previously populated by in the region of twelve hundred people, was one of the most affluent on Corfu, encircled by oak trees, vines, oak trees and sheep that roamed the mountain.  Today still, it has wonderful charm with cobbled streets and antiquated homes, the ambiance is both warm and friendly.

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