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Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica Heads Tourism League Table

Costa Rica has been rated as the number one Latin America vacation getaway in a significant international survey of the planet’s preferred tourism hotspots.

The World Economic Forum’s annual travel competitiveness report takes into consideration a selection of elements like natural resources, cultural heritage, the condition of infrastructure, standards of Costa Rica hotels and other different services, and the general regulation of the Costa Rica travel industry.



The report reported on the country’s Certification of Sustainable Tourism program, and the country’s unmatched wealth in natural resources, World Heritage sites and number of protected conservation locations.

Acknowledged as the rich coast, the country is distinctive on the planet for its amount of environmental protection, with almost thirty percent of the country’s land areas chosen as protected areas, either as one of 35 national parks, conservation areas or else natural reserves.


volcano-costa rica


The Costa Rica travel business has performed a vital function in the country’s sustainable development program by means of assisting to manifest privately operated lodges and also reserves.

A certain amount of the most successful and best acknowledged protected locations include the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Manuel Antonio National Park, Tortuguero National Park and also the World Heritage Site upon the Corcovado peninsula.

The country is known for its variation in natural environments which give a habitat to the greatest collection of bio-diverse natural life on the planet’s surface area. Because of the country’s compact size, even short Costa Rica holidays are in a position to incorporate trips to many of the country’s world-famous natural wonders.


collard-araceri-costa rica


Supporting these strong aspects with copious, prime quality services such as hotels, automobile rental companies and top quality transport infrastructure, means the country has been able to strengthen its place as a number one holiday destination in the Americas, and during the planet.

This dedication to a sustainable and environmentally neutral tourism industry has been well recognized previously. The UN World Tourism Organization has previously applauded the country’s Certification of Sustainable Tourism initiative, stating it is a model which the rest of the planet ought to pursue.

This Costa Rica travel news update was written by a travel-loving Costa Rica vacation expert at Costa Rica For Less, a member of the Latin America For Less family.



Latin America For Less, a US travel agency established in 1998, provides an entire South America vacation service to destinations across Latin America, which includes Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia.




The firm is unique in its capacity to supply a price match guarantee as well as the greatest standards in quality and client Fully tailored itineraries in addition to individual and friendly service are the hallmarks of a Latin America For Less vacation.

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