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Discover Mykonos Top 5 Things To See

Mykonos is the most famous of the Greek islands and has been a very popular holiday destination for years. It is situated in the Cyclades and covers an area of approximately 90 square kilometres. Although well known for its party atmosphere this beautiful island has much to offer its visitors. It is arguably the most cosmopolitan and glamorous of the Greek islands and is a popular choice with Greek “jet setters” and A listers who have holiday homes here or visit during the summer months.





Discover Mykonos Top 5 Things To See

Although its fame is derived largely from its buzzing night life, world class dj’s and numerous beach bars, there are plenty of other attractions to be enjoyed. I would say the best time to visit is between April to May or September to October. Hotel rates are far more reasonable and you’ll avoid the crowds. As far as travelling to the island is concerned Mykonos is very accessible. There are plenty of daily flights from Athens and there are more ferries from Pireaus or Rafina than to any other island. Moreover during the summer months there are connections from other islands in the Cyclades.



As far as sightseeing goes what better place to start off my list of top 5 places to visit than Chora (the main town of Mykonos). This beautiful little town is a maze of narrow streets lined with crisp white houses bedecked with bougainvillea and geraniums and gorgeous little boutiques. Despite the development of this island the town has retained its very traditional feel and is unique among the Cyclades for its medieval style streets. Strict building regulations have safeguarded the integrity of the town’s architecture and character and the developments have largely been restricted to the edge of the town. The whitewashed lanes are a joy to explore. Here you will find plenty of stylish cafes, bars, restaurants, art galleries and museums. This is also the place for shopping. Matogiannia street is full of shops and a great place to explore.




Discover Mykonos Top 5 Things To See

The town is also home to some remarkable museums, amongst them being The Archaeological Museum, The Folklore Museum, The Maritime Museum, The Municipal Art Gallery and The Municipal Library. Part of the Folklore Museum includes the fabulous Lena’s House. Named after its last owner Lena Skrivanou, this classic 19 th century fully furnished Mykonian house is a charming example of a middle class residence.

Mykonos is named the island of the winds and you cannot visit without taking the opportunity to see the famous windmills. These are one of the most iconic landmarks of Mykonos and stand as a testament to the importance of its sea trade route which historically joined Venice to Asia. Their main function was to mill wheat ready for transportation by ship, consequently most of the the island’s windmills are centred in or near the main port.





Greek islands always have plenty of churches and Mykonos is no exception with over 400 of them. The most famous and most photographed of them being The Church of Panagia Paraportiani. This church is totally unique in that it is a combination of four different churches fused together at ground level with another chapel built on top. This incredible whitewashed church stands above the city and can be seen for miles. Although construction began in the 15th century it was not completed until the 17th century.





For a quick day trip the island of Delos is a must. This is one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in Greece. The mythical birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, it was an important sacred site for ancient Greeks. It can only be visited during the daytime. In 1990 it became a UNESCO world heritage site. The remarkable thing about this island is that it is quite simply an archaeological site and unlike any other place on earth. You can walk around the monuments and antiquities such at the Temple of Isis and The House of  Dionysus.


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