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Gran Canaria Holidays- The Best of What To Do

Gran Canaria, is the third largest of the Canary Islands and has the largest population of all of them. Lying of the North West Coast of Africa, this stunning Island is a favourite holiday destination for anyone looking for adrenaline experiences, family trips or just a relaxing holiday in wonderful weather and a perfect location.


Gran Canaria Holidays- The Best of What To Do

Gran Canaria Holidays- The Best of What To Do

The Island is typical of the Archipelago, with white sandy beaches around the coastline, a mountain region in the center of the Island and green leafy vegetation in the North. It is a great Island for anybody who loves hiking, water sports, cycling and off-road adventure, whilst the Capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria which is situated in the North East of the Island is ideal for any one who is interested in history as this cosmopolitan city is full of history and culture.


Gran Canaria is an ideal destination anytime of the year. The peak season generally tends to be in the Spring time which is between February and Easter. If staying during June you will be in for lost of festivals as this is the festival season. July and August will tend to be the time that the local Spaniards start making their way to the Island for their holidays and is also the hottest and busiest times of
the year. September and October are perfect months to go and experience the Island as the weather is warm and sunny and by this time most of the crowds have dispersed for the season.


Whatever time of the year you choose to visit you will have plenty to do and see, whether a lone traveller, couple or family group there are never-ending possibilities to fill your days whilst on the Island and whether it is a relaxing break or an adrenaline filled adventure you are looking for Gran Canaria offers it all.




Gran Canaria Activities.


Paragliding Trips.

If you are looking for the ultimate in adrenaline experiences then why not try a paragliding trip and get to really see the Island from a new perspective. Whether it is  your first time at soaring high above the ground or your are an experienced paraglider, there are plenty of companies offering one of the ultimate high-octane experiences for your enjoyment. This is a fantastic way to really get to see Gran
Canaria, glide 2,000 feet above the mountains and oceans, taking pictures as you go for one of the most memorable adventures you will ever have.



Ultimate 4×4 driving adventure.

One way to see a place is to go off the beaten track and explore areas not many people get to see and one way to do this is by taking the ultimate 4×4 driving adventure. Take possession of your own vehicle and drive around the Island like never before. Tear through dirt tracks, discover the Islands nature reserves, take in the views of the volcanic landscapes. Drive through pine forests and discover secluded valleys and plantations an absolute must trip for anybody looking for an adventure packed holiday.




Kite surfing.

Another way to take to the air is to go kite surfing. This high energy sport is another great way of having an adrenaline packed holiday. Whether you are a novice or have done it before, there are plenty of instructors on the Island to show you all you need to know and to deliver all of the proper training before you take to the skies yourself. The perfect way to spend a day in the warm Atlantic waters and
an ultimate holiday adventure.




Family Activities in Gran Canaria


Water Park Adventure

There is no better place to take kids than a water park whilst on holiday. A fantastic way to keep them cool and entertained in the hot weather and the perfect place for you to lie back and relax. Most of the water parks are filled with white knuckle rides and thrilling slides that will keep kids entertained for hours at a time. Water parks are great places to spend the entire day and not spend a fortune, take a picnic with you and you can spend the day relaxing on sun beds or going on the many exciting rides. Aqualand  in Maspalomas is one such water park that will afford you with everything you need for a great time and there are also mini golf and pool tables there for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the water rides.




A Day at the Beach.

A great way to spend the entire day keeping kids amused is to pack your bags and head to the beach. The beaches in Gran Canaria are white sandy beaches, very different to Tenerife and are the perfect place for the kids to play and for you to relax and read a good book.
Gran Canaria has more than 120 miles of fabulous coast line to choose from and different beaches offer different things. Puerto Rico beach that is found in the Southwest of the Island is a firm favourite with families. This is the perfect beach for families to spend long fun days, with calm waters and lots of places to get meals, good access to toilets and plenty of sun loungers.



Theme Parks.

Theme parks are another fabulous way of entertaining kids and if you are searching for one with a point of difference then head to Sioux City in Playa del Aquila. The theme park that is set out in the style of an old Western town is the perfect place for a fun-filled day pretending to be cowboys and Indians. There are horse riding activities here as well as daily shows and performances. The place really does have the look and feel of an old western movie with authentic salons and a jail and is a place that kids and grown ups alike will love.




Gran Canaria Historc Sites.


If you are looking to immerse yourself in some culture and history when in Gran Canaria then you need to head to the Island’s capital, Las Palmas.  The city was founded in 1478 and was the only capital of all the Canary Island’s until the 17th Century.  There is plenty on offer culture wise in the city with a variety of theatres,  operas  as well as visual and dramatic arts. Every year the city hosts the Canary Islands Music Festival, The Theatre  and Dance and the International Film Festival.


Gran Canaria city
There is also a large collection of museums and galleries to visit including Museo Canaria which has a wealth of information on the Canary Island’s dating back to 1785, right up to present day.
As well as museums and galleries there are some other notable sights to see such as the Cathedral of Santa Ana . This stunning Cathedral, which is the seat of the Dioceses of the Canaries in the Roman Catholic Church dates back to the 1500 and is certainly worth a visit.


Gran Canaria Cathedral
Castillo de la Luz in Las Palmas is another historic site that you should explore. The Castle defended the natural harbour of Las Palmas for many years. Dating back to 1494 it was built on top of an existing fort. Over the years this two storey building has been rebuilt and restored and in 1941 it was declared an National Historic Monument.


Final Words – Gran Canaria Holidays


Gran Canaria is the ideal location to travel to for amazing all year round good weather, beautiful beaches and rich and varied landscapes. It is the perfect holiday destination for families, couples and people seeking activities and adventure. Travel wise it is a very easy destination to get to with plenty of daily flights from all major international airports across Europe. Spanish is the main language but English and German are widely spoken all around the Island. This is an ideal holiday destination and definitely an Island that you should visit and really enjoy.


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