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Grenada – 5 Top Amazing Attractions

Grenada is a Caribbean Island so unlike many of the others and if you are looking for somewhere to unwind and recharge your batteries then this is the place to head for. This stunning unspoilt Island has not suffered like so many others in the Caribbean, with large resorts and high-rise concrete hotels, in fact there are no resorts as such but what is on offer with enthrall and delight you.


Grenada - 5 Top Amazing Attractions

Grenada – 5 Top Amazing Attractions


The island is located at the Southern end of the Grenadines in the south-east of the Caribbean sea. This tropical island with amazing weather is also called the ‘Island of Spice’ for its production of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and vanilla.
It has been both a French and English colony but in 1974 it was granted independence although still part of the British Commonwealth and the major language spoken is English with the national sport being cricket.




Its capital St George’s is small and elegant and is a good reflection of this unspoilt gem. This is an Island where you will discover some of the world’s best beaches often voted amongst the top ten in the world, as well as a rich rain forest, exotic wild life, serene lakes and dramatic waterfalls. This is a green tranquil oasis that has plenty to keep you entertained whilst staying here.




Grenada – 5 Top Amazing Attractions

1. Head for the Beach.

Although an obvious choice whilst staying in the Caribbean, the beaches in Grenada are well worth a visit, especially Grand Anse close to the Capital that consists of 1 1/2 miles of pristine white sands and where its sheltered waters offer some amazing swimming opportunities. If you feel like partaking of a little bit more activity when away then head to Morne Rouge where you can go snorkeling among its coves or La Segrese that has a nature reserve to explore as well as amazing beaches.




2. Explore the Waterfalls.

One thing not to be missed on Grenada is an exploration of the Island’s amazing waterfalls. Just what you would expect on a tropical island that has a rain forest on its mountain peaks. The waterfalls will afford you some amazing sights, especially The Royal Mount Carmel falls which having a drop of 70 feet has to be the most forceful fall. The Concord Falls are well worth a trip also and they have calm pools at the bottom ideal for swimming in.






3. Visit the Rain forest.

A visit to the rain forest will give you a glimpse of the national bird of Grenada, the Grenada Dove as well as armadillo’s, possums’ and the rare Mona monkey. In the rain forest you will be able to experience the mist enshrouded Grand Etang National Park which contains Lake Grand Etang that was once an active volcano. If you are feeling energetic, then hire a guide and climb Mt Qua Qua.


4. Experience the Spicemas Carnival.

Although on a much smaller scale than the Rio and Notting Hill carnivals, the Grenada Spicemas Carnival is well worth experiencing if you are there at the same time. Held in August, it is the premier cultural event on the Island and has unique cultural displays such as the Vercu Mas pantomime. It has a pageantry linked to its rich heritage and is colourful and full of music and humour and is definitely well worth savouring and will give you a true flavour of the history and culture of Grenada.






5. Eat and Drink.

Grenada, as with most other Caribbean Islands is home to Rum and has many active distilleries which produce some of the Caribbean’s most distinctive export. Whilst staying you can take tours of the distilleries with River Antoine Rum Distillery being the oldest in Grenada. The distillery began production of Rum in 1785. It is well worth taking a tour to get a glimpse of a part of the heritage of the Island that is still going strong today.
If you are anxious to sample the local cuisine, then you won’t be disappointed. The food in Grenada is a blend of African, Asian and European traditions and there are many local delicacies to be tasted and enjoyed.




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