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Christmas in France Where to go

Spending your Christmas within France seems like an excellent plan, irrespective of if you are preparing a romantic getaway or a family holiday. Beautifully cities, amazing scenery, magnificent wine, appetizing cuisine, many thrilling possibilities for out of doors activities, wonderful culture, Christmas markets full of charm and plenty of activities to undertake. Presented here are a few excellent suggestions for Christmas holidays in France.



Christmas in Avignon

Provincial traditions generally means that the Christmas season extends for 40 days. Therefore, you have over a month to take advantage of the festive mood that grips the entire area, to stroll through gorgeous Christmas markets, looking for souvenirs, to savor at least a number of the thirteen customary Christmas deserts, and to drink a good amount of mulled French wine. If you are travelling with children, they will for sure adore the Christmas parades, the folk art workshops as well as the cultural dances.




Christmas in Lyon

Some people state that Christmas in Lyon is better than Paris. Without being in total agreement or otherwise opposing this statement, we will state that Lyon is for sure a good option for a family Christmas break. The city lights are nearly as thrilling as the shows you can witness in the City of Lights. The Christmas market in Carnot Square will no doubt entice you with its festive flavours. There are open air skating rinks, cultural shows and the whole place exudes a delightful tranquil ambiance.




Christmas in Arles

Year after year the Funny Christmas Festival (Drôles de Noëls) grips this Southern French town and consumes its streets with a unique and vibrant festive feeling. If you want to be a part of these revelries, Arles is the location where you can  have so much fun on your Christmas holidays. You can see all kinds of performances, music shows and various other events that will be a joy for all the members of your family. What more would you wish for from a Christmas break in France? This the kind of vacation which is truly devoted to the family and an Arles France Christmas is something to behold.




Christmas in Alsace

The French region of  Alsace is well-known for its wine making and wine tasting tours which are the perfect choice for all those who desire to uncover the enchantment of this kind of holiday and enjoy the Alsacian Christmas traditions. In Strasbourg, you may find the oldest Christmas market in France. If you select Mullhouse or Colmar, you will in addition have the chance to experience many twinkling lights and carol singing which is sure to get you in the Christmas mood.



Christmas in Paris

Finally, although not least, the French capital is the absolute preference of many a romantic couple. nonetheless this is not the only reason to spend Christmas in the French capital There are many ice skating rinks widespread throughout the town and special events planned especially for the little ones at Disneyland Resort, offering lots of activities to really make the most of Paris throughout your Christmas break.



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