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Places to Visit in New England

New England situated in the North East of the United States is a region that comprises six states, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Altogether they make up one of the oldest and most historical sites in the USA.


Places to Visit in New England

Places to Visit in New England

This is the region that the first settlers landed from English shores in 1620 to form the Plymouth Colony. This is also the location that the American Revolutionary War began in during 1775 which was to be the start of 8 years of fighting before America won its independence from England.


This part of America is still laced with relics from its past, the towns and cities still bearing the names of its original ties with England such as Norfolk, Plymouth Hampshire, Bristol, Kent and Cheshire to name just a few. New England is the region that is perhaps the most distinctive in its history, imagery and changing of the Seasons.

It is the place that evokes a different type of America with whiteclapper board houses, red farm houses and flaming red and burnt umber leaves in the Fall. This is the place that captivates and enchants its visitors with its breathtaking beauty and rich vibrant history, a place that leaves people longing for more.


New England is so vast that one visit will never be enough and so it is a good idea to pick one state and concentrate on it so as to see and experience as much as possible.
Massachusetts Points of Interest.


A good place to start your experience of New England is in the state that is home to the capital Boston, Massachusetts. Also known as the Bay State because of the three large bays that shape and dominate the coastline, it is here that you will be able to visit places such as Boston, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Islands.


Massachusetts is a state that has seen it all from the first Pilgrim’s arriving in Plymouth Bay to the first shots ringing out in Boston at the start of the American Revolution this is a place to come to if you want to dive into the rich history of American life but although a legendary place in America it is much more than that now, for this state is not just about its landmark historical sites anymore there is a modern culture here from its colleges towns, modern tourist attractions such as whale watching and vibrant night life.


Boston is the ideal starting point on your New England adventure the state’s hub so to speak where rich colonial history mixes so well with modern urban living and a great social scene to boot.


What to do in Boston.

The Freedom Trail.


You can’t travel to Boston and not have some interest in its past, as the place is too rich in history to ignore. The Freedom Trail is an ideal trip to take to really get the feel of Old New England and what life was like for those first settlers.



The trail is a 2 1/2 mile path that goes through downtown Boston and which takes in 16 locations that were significant in the history of America. The trail was conceived by William Schofield a journalist in 1951 with the idea of linking important landmarks together. A popular idea as by 1953 40’000 visitors where already using the trail.

Starting at Boston Common, this red brick trail will then lead  you through history, passing meeting houses, churches, graveyards and museums. You will learn about the beginning of the Revolution and about the individuals who shaped the history of this Nation. Booking a tour guide dressed in appropriate costumes will give you a real flavour of life during the time and is a great way to get a real understanding of the state.



Harvard University.

As well as its important place in the history of the Revolution, Boston is also historically important in learning in America. It is the home to Harvard University which was founded in 1636 and is America’s oldest College. It is from here that eight people went onto become Presidents as well as many Pulitzer prize winners and Noble laureates. Tours of the college can be taken either within a group or self
guided and will give you an insight into the life of a Harvard student and the history of this famous Ivy League institution.



Cape Cod.

Moving away from the sights and sounds of the big city up to the Cape will show you another side of Massachusets. Cape Cod which lies South West of Boston is a curving peninsula that stretches into the Atlantic. This laid back holiday destination popular with people from New York and Boston is the perfect place to go to relax and kick back on its marvellous beaches or walking in its beautiful
woodlands. Head along to the very top of Cape Cod where you will come to Provincetown a lively and popular resort, where you will discover places such as Pilgrim Monument.



Pilgrim Monument.


Pilgrim Monument is the Countries tallest all granite monument standing at 253 feet. A climb to the top of the tower will give you amazing views of the town below. Built between 1907-1910 the monument commemorates the Mayflower Pilgrim’s history of their landing in 1620 and of the signing in Provincetown Harbour of the Mayflower pact. Tourists visit from all over to view the monument
and the place where history was made.


Martha’s Vineyard.


Five miles off Cape Cod lies the Island Martha’s Vineyard which you can reach by car or passenger ferries. The “Vine yard” comprises of six small towns each with a character of its own. With miles of beaches and rolling hills, the Island has a relaxed, easy air to it even though its is peppered with high-end antique shops and boutiques.




This longtime summer vacation destination for New England is less developed than Cape Cod but still has a vibrancy about it that makes it a great place to go to. If you are a film buff then head to Edgarstown and go on the “Jaws” film tour. The movie was filmed here over forty years ago and is a fun trip to make to see some movie history.



If you are in Oak Bluffs, then head to the Gingerbread Cottages built by the Methodist community in the mid 1800s. These small brightly coloured cottages are a delightful tourist attraction. Each cottage has its own name and in the evening when the sun goes down the neighbourhood lights up into an illuminated wonderland.
Massachusets – Final words


Massachusets offers the traveller so much to do that one trip will never be enough. Whether you go in the Summer to go along the Cape to enjoy the beaches and relaxed fishing villages or Fall to see the amazing colours of the landscape it is an area that you will long to go back to.



This relaxed part of America is full of history and adventure, colour and vibrancy from the laid back feel of Boston to the beauty of the rural regions of the Berkshires. This is a region that entices and delights its visitors with its rich colonial history, stunning cities and colourful landscapes you will find many things to enjoy and love about Massachusets, New England.

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