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Ski Resorts Near Anchorage – the Alyeska Resort

Alaska Ski Holidays

Alaska, which has forever been a source of wonderment and mysteries, enjoys some of the finest skiing on the planet. Alaska hosts 7 ski resorts the majority are situated close the coast which generates perfect snow conditions. In terms of Ski Resorts Near Anchorage the Alyeska Resort which within 40 miles from Anchorage is one of the finest resorts within the state. With a summit elevation of 2751 feet and a 2501 vertical drop, the region receives an average of 631 inches of snow each year.




Ski Resorts Near Anchorage – the Alyeska Resort

Even though this provides some of the most unsurpassed skiing on earth, you will not discover the slopes excessively congested, and there are no long lines for the lift . There are available 9 lifts, which include 6 chair lifts and also 2 surface lifts, plus one cable car line. There are 68 trails for the beginner, intermediates, in addition to experts, with most the trails developed for the intermediate skier.



Night time skiing is permitted, which causes your ski experience to be that much more adventure filled and breathtaking. You will observe snow topped mountains, hanging glaciers, and obviously, the renowned Northern Lights.This resort happens to be ranked 9 of the top twenty-five killer ski trips as stated by Skiing Magazine.




The season starts at the Alyeska Resort in the middle of November, and runs all the way through to mid April. This area of Alaska features the longest daytime locations within the Us, with around 16 hours of daylight every day throughout the month of April. A great tip for Alaska is to wear clothes that can easily be layered as the weather conditions can rapidly change within the mountains.


Alyeska Resort broke its earlier record for the most amount of snowfall in a month when a whopping 283 inches of snow which equates to nearly 24 feet fell in the month of December during 1998.
Throughout December, nevertheless, there are available merely approximately 7 hours of daylight which makes the night time skiing essential if you are going to gain in the time that you desire to spend upon the slopes.




The 4 diamond Alyeska Prince Hotel which has 304 guest rooms is the place you should stay. At this location you will take pleasure in elegant rooms and first-rate dining. Every night entertainment is on hand also. You will discover different nightlife spots in the area too, which are not connected with the Hotel.


winter-snow boarding
The Alyeska Terrain Park is an essential for all of you snowboarding fanatics. Pump Station 3 Terrain Park is is designed for beginners and for those with families that wish to get to grips with and learn freeride skills with each other. The Refinery Terrain Park is for those at the level of Intermediate or advanced and created for the passionate skiers and riders that are searching for that special challenge.




Various other winter season activities which may be enjoyed in the vicinity of the Alyeska Resort comprise of flight seeing, dog sledding, helisking, mountaineering, ice climbing, ocean cruising tours, back country skiing and polar bear watching.



The Alyeska Resort gives you the chance to experience the ultimate winter break. Brave the weather conditions, after that come back to the Hotel for some indulgence. Reward yourself with a taste of what Alaska is truly like, and what a skiing holiday is intended to be all about. There are available activities for the whole family to gain pleasure from, and there are masses wonderful sights and attractions to really enjoy also. For ski resorts near Anchorage the Alyeska Resort certainly is an incredible winter family ski holiday not to be missed!



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