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What To Do And See In Turin

At the foot of the Alps in north west Italy lies the magnificent city of Turin (Torino) as the Italians call it. This is an incredibly elegant city with its wide avenues and beautiful arcades. Once the manufacturing powerhouse of Italy, birthplace of the fiat, this city is famous for being the home of Italy’s former royal family, chocolate and of course the shroud of Turin.

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 What To Do And See In Turin


Turin’s beauty stems not just from the magnificence of its grand boulevards and palaces but also from its geographical location. Surrounded by the alps and with the river Po running through its centre, this city has a great deal of natural beauty.

Royal Palace of Turin

Amongst the numerous things it is famed for this city was also the birth place of Italy’s first king Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy. Its royal heritage is clearly evident in its aristocratic architecture and what better place to start your sightseeing than at the Royal Palace of Turin. This historic palace was the residence of The House of Savoy, one of the oldest royal families in the world. Built by Emanuele Filiberto, the Duke of Savoy after he relocated his capital to Turin in 1562.

This  building was one of a number of buildings erected as proof of his power of ruling. Also known as the Palazzo Reale, this is one of the most important of Savoy’s palaces. It was modernised in the 17th century by the French princess Christine Marie of France, wife of the Duke of Savoy Victor Amadeus I. From this period of renovation its baroque influences are clear. It is here in the Chapel of The Holy Shroud that the famous shroud of Turin is housed.


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Museo Egizio

If you enjoy visiting museums then the Museo Egizio is definitely worthy of a place on your sightseeing list. It is one of Italy’s largest museums and has one of the largest collections of Egyptian artefacts in the world, second only to Cairo. Founded in 1824 the museum’s collection is comprised of over 30.000 artefacts amongst which is an important statue of Ramesses II and the tomb of Kha.


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 Mole Antonelliana and the national museum of cinema

Another place of interest in Turin is the Mole Antonelliana and the national museum of cinema.  The Mole Antonelliana is the greatest architectural symbol of Turin and it is the tallest museum in the world. This tower reaches a height of 167 metres and once at the top you are afforded the most incredible panoramic views of the city. You reach the top by way of the famous crystal lift. This famous landmark also houses the national museum of cinema which has exhibitions including over 300,000 film posters and 12,000 movie reels. It hosts a number of film festivals, the most famous of which is the Torino Film Festival



 What To Do And See In Turin – Final Thoughts


It is worth taking some time to discover the outside beauty of this wonderful city and one location I would definitely recommend is the stunning Valentino Park, another great symbol of Turin. It is the oldest and most famous of the city’s public parks and is located near the city centre on the left bank of the river Po. There are many points of interest in the park, amongst them being the absolutely amazing medieval village.

This is a reconstruction of a complete medieval village with realistic features such as shops, a tavern and a well. The Valentino Castle which is now home to the School of Architecture can also be found in the park as well as the Botanical Garden which is open from April until October. It is a magical place for a stroll and to take in the sights.

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