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What to do In Barbados

What to do In Barbados

A Trip to Bridgetown

When it comes to what to do in Barbados Bridgetown has so much to offer apart from enjoying a fantastic choice of stores and street markets, Bridgetown is jam-packed with interesting cultural sites to take pleasure in. One option is to take a look at National Heroes Square, earlier known as Trafalgar Square – where you can find Lord Nelson’s statue. St Michael’s Cathedral is certainly an impressive building as is, the Bridgetown Jewish Synagogue. These are a great place to explore on foot and get a real sense of the history of Bridge town.



A great way to watch the sun go down is to take a trip to Bridgetown harbor and watch in awe as the catamarans and fishing boats sail gently past. The Parliament buildings are located On the north section of National Heroes Sq. They comprise of two stone-block, neo-Gothic-style buildings erected in the year of 1871 and are similar to the Victorian period of Great Britain. The western building with the clock tower consists of a number of primary public offices; the building upon the eastern side contains the Senate and House of Assembly of Barbados.



A day out at Dover Beach

Why not Enjoy a super day at Dover Beach, lapping up the sunshine while relaxing on a sunbed and, experiencing the best of Barbados beach culture. The sand has a beautiful white silky quality and the crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming. You may wish to check out The Infinity on the Beach hotel includes a pleasant bar area which is directly on the beach. You can often experience cooling sea breeze which can just keep you from overheating and you can frequently glimpse the amazing turtles.



Visit St Nicholas Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey can be described as a Jacobean-style mansion which is among the oldest plantation houses within the Caribbean islands and this fascinating building is a must-see selection for a Barbados holiday. You can take in the Great House, a variety of gardens and a remarkably long-established rum distillery. You can enjoy a light lunch from the on-site cafe which is the perfect vantage point to view a valley brimming with lush trees. Be sure to acquire a bottle of single-cask rum created with sugarcane from the plantations on the site.



Visit the Garrison Savannah

Garrison Savannah is a historic military base and has an abundance of architectural magnificence and is definitely worth taking some time to investigate. You should take a close look at the beautiful Matthias Church previously employed by British Forces, Savannah race course and the historical remains of St Ann’s Fort.


If you can bear to tear yourself away from your sunbeds you may wish to enjoy an underwater experience like nothing else on earth. Snorkeling offers you the chance to swim with the turtles or be amazed at the multi-colored coral reefs. Above the water watersports such as kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing are all guaranteed to get the pulse going.


What to do In Barbados

What to do In Barbados


Take a trip in a Catamaran

To experience the quintessential Caribbean adventure have a look at Virgins Ahoy trip which transports you on a manned catamaran outing down the distinctive Western Coastline. After that, if you desire to travel under the water, The island is abundant with fantastic scuba diving possibilities. You could potentially observe shipwrecks and a host of wondrous sea life like seahorses, giant sand eels and hawksbill turtles.

Street Carnival

If you happen to be holidaying at the latter part of July or the early part of August then be all set for the Carnival.The island comes alive with a profusion of costumes, wonderful food and excitement which envelop island with the warmth of the late summer sun. Referred to as the ‘Crop over’ festival, it extends back to the period of the 1780’s and commemorates the sugar cane harvesting.

Take in the Plantation heritage

If you desire to absorb some of Barbados’ colonial historical past, why don’t you pay a visit to a number of the few enduring Great Houses the island has to present. Fisher Pond Great House, tucked away inside the Parish of St Thomas is truly a well-designed and impressive house. Or alternatively, take a look at Sunbury Plantation House situated in the peaceful St Philip scenery provides tours of its rooms laden with antiques and distinctive assortment of horse-drawn carriages. It’s also possible to experience atmospheric Plantation dinners revealing the luxurious lifestyle which plantation owners previously enjoyed.

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