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What to do on Gozo Malta – 4 Amazing Holiday Activities

Gozo is a small rural island and part of the Malta group of islands which are situated within the Mediterranean sea. Besides Malta itself, Gozo is the biggest of these particular islands and has a size of about 14km by 7km. Gozo is home to beautiful Baroque churches, megalithic temples, old fortifications in addition to other ancient buildings. One particular attraction which is going to most probably be of interest is the Ggantija Temples. This place is stated as being among the best maintained prehistoric temple complexes within the entire group of islands, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Gozo was a vital location for cultural advancement and has some of the planet’s most ancient religious buildings and temples. As it is so near to Malta itself, their pasts are intimately connected.
Gozo has a population of approximately 31,000, with in the region of 6,000 of those people residing in the capital which is Victoria which is known as Rabat to the local population.


What to do on Gozo Malta

What to do on Gozo Malta


The languages which are spoken in Malta are Maltese and English.Victoria is also the island’s shopping center and in the main square you can find the it-Tokk, which is an established traditional open-air market. There are tight, snaking lanes emanating from the piazza house antiquarians and stores selling Gozitan crafts including thick woolen rugs and stalls overflowing with keepsakes for tourists.


What to do on Gozo Malta – 4 Amazing Holiday Activities


Gozo Outside Port City Malta Architecture Building


Scuba diving

Scuba diving is among the supreme joys in life, in particular if you dive in the locations of Gozo and Malta. The ultra clear waters enables you to observe the natural underwater treasures in all their glory. The waters in Gozo and Malta are rich in nutrients which supports many different varieties of marine flora and fauna. You will be astounded at the spectacle of colour filled coral reefs with a multitude of vibrantly coloured fish in all shapes and sizes.


Diving Underwater Sea Scuba


This is why many professional divers continue returning to the Malta and Gozo waters for their diving experiences. Naturally, professional divers are not the only people who may take pleasure in the immaculate waters of Gozo and Malta. There are a great deal of diving locations are appropriate for newcomers to diving to enjoy. Gozo and Malta offer a good number of scuba diving instructors which supply lessons and safety guidelines for beginner divers.


Gozo Island Church Malta


Ramla il-Hamra

Ramla Bay is situated at the foot of a fertile valley on the northern part of the island of Gozo and has an extensive sandy beach. The sands colour is a golden red which makes this particular beach unique from all other ones in both Malta and Gozo. Its actual Maltese name happens to be Ir-Ramla l-Hamra which translates as the Red Sandy Beach.

The region about the beach is somewhat fascinating and presents a certain amount of historical riches. There are Roman remains which exist underneath the sand and the famed Calypso Cave oversees the western part of the beach. Ramla il-Hamra is perhaps Malta’s and Gozo’s best beach. The bay itself is entirely devoid of developments, and therefore the beach continues to be comparatively free of crowds.


Gozo Malta Yellow Blue Rocky Coast Rock


Ggantija Temples

Dating back to between 3600 B.C. and 3200 B.C. the Ggantija Temples were as legend would have it thought some time ago to be erected by giants and are a pair of Neolithic temples. Based on local Gozitan tradition, There was a giantess who just ate honey and broad beans had a child from a common man . The legend states that the child would hang from her shoulder as she constructed the temples which were then used as a place for worshiping.

They are thought to be one of the most ancient free standing Neolithic structures on the planet. The Ggantija Temples have Megaliths measuring in excess of 5 meters and exceeding 50 tons in weight which make up the walls of these particular temples. Ggantija undoubtedly signifies a major accomplishment in early human history.


Gozo Island Azure Azure Window
The Azure Window

The The Azure Window is a high rock arch measuring 50 metres in height in the Dwejra Point cliffs. The “window” itself has been formed by sea erosion and the Maltese call it-Tieqa . This place is incredible at any time you may get to see it, however when the sea choppy make it becomes even more amazing. The Azure Window is created of a Maltese limestone referred to as Globigerina. This kind of rock experiences erosion, providing Malta that unique look to the coastline and also the interior of the island. The Azure Window is a desirable tourist vacation spot being near to Dwejra. The waters in the region of the arch are excellent for scuba diving, boating as well as swimming.


What to do on Gozo Malta – Final Thoughts


If you travel to the Maltese islands throughout the summer season, be ready to experience a hot and dry holiday break. The temperature might climb to 36 or perhaps 38 degrees Celsius in the summer consequently if you are not accustomed to this type of temperature, you could suffer from dehydration and become easily tired. Make certain you are dressed in lighter clothes and always keep yourself supplied with drinks. Gozo benefits from the fact it is so undeveloped the unhurried lifestyle that the local people take pleasure in is very appealing to many visitors to the Island and many fall in love with its beauty splendor this island paradise has to offer.


Gozo Port Boats Blue Water Sea Coast

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