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What to do on St Lucia – 4 Fantastic Holiday Activities

For all those people who are looking for a location that can provide adventure, loads of fun and an appreciation of the natural world, the Caribbean island of St. Lucia could be your ideal destination. St Lucia has a colourful history dating as far back as early Spanish conquests and throughout the following centuries the control of the island has flipped from one colonial power to another.



There is a huge choice of things to do on this beautiful island and below I will examine four of the best for you.


What to do on St Lucia

What to do on St Lucia

What to do on St Lucia –  4 Fantastic Holiday Activities


Observing the Natural Wildlife

Why not get back in touch with nature on St. Lucia with a spot of Whale and dolphin watching. You can also take the opportunity to see leatherback turtles in a nearby island as well as observing more than a hundred distinct species of birds. The more adventurous among you may wish to try out a zip line which will offer a great view of the lush forest and a birds eye, awe inspiring view of the Caribbean islands and the bird life in flight.


coconut-palm- st lucia


Cruising the Caribbean waters

For those looking for a more relaxing way to experience St Lucia why not partake in a luxury five star cruise. You can feel the gentle sea breeze and the warmth of the sunshine without having to get you feet wet.  The Island resort of Cap Maison offers these five star cruises enabling you to truly experience that ultimate Caribbean luxury.




A few different cruise packages are on offer including cruising over to the island of Martinique or possibly an overnight trip to the Grenadine islands. The waters which encircle the island of Saint Lucia have an amazing turquoise colour and are home to a rich aquatic life. There are many different ways to revitalize your body, relax your mind, and feed your soul while on holiday here. You may wish to try your hand at scuba diving, sea trekking, kayaking or snorkeling for example.




Take A trip to the volcano

In the crater of the Soufriere volcano you will find the Sulphur Springs Park. This is a renowned Sulphur Springs and continues to be the hottest and most active geothermal region within the Lesser Antilles. The park itself is approximately 45 hectares in size and is advertised as the Caribbean’s solitary drive-in volcano. A stroll through the crater allows you to see pools and hot bubbling springs which vent sulphur filled steam. Just outside the Springs themselves, you have the opportunity to bathe in the warm sulphuric pools, alleged to have soothing properties.


divers-scuba diving


Go Snorkeling and Diving

Investigate the hidden deep sea riches provided by the Caribbean by taking a few diving and snorkelling lessons. If you have never done this before don’t be put off, with expert tuition you will soon be on your way. Most people find that once they have experienced the abundance of life which is present underneath the sea they become hooked on doing these activities. The St Lucia sea provides a huge array of colourful and varied wildlife plus incredible sights.



When diving in St Lucia, check out the amazing variety of coral, sponges and strange and magnificent rock formations. The sort of marine life you can see include angelfish, frogfish, stingrays, golden-spotted eels, turtles, seahorses, black coral trees and nurse sharks.



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