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What to See and do in Norway

Norway is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, not just in terms of financial riches but also in the way of natural beauty. Norway is overflowing with fjords, ice glaciers and gargantuan mountains. The country is entirely covered with breathtaking scenery  and untouched fishing villages. Norway is a great place for hiking and trekking with astounding walks which can be somewhat awe inspiring in respect of the natural scenery.



Norway is recognized as being the origin of skiing with an area almost 30000km full of pistes. Norway’s ski season starts from November and ends in May and their are ski chalets for rent for those looking for a ski holiday. Norwegian coastal villages are famed for being beautifully picturesque and act as a good starting point for skiing, walking, rock climbing and even canoeing holidays.


Norway Fjord Village Panorama


The fjords of Norway along the Westernast is an excellent setting for holiday activities such as climbing, hiking, rafting, kayaking and skiing. Norway has been called “the Land of the Midnight Sun” for its continual 24 hours of sun in the summertime. From the months of April to July you can take part in activities such as playing a round of golf, trekking and fishing all with the illumination of a midnight sun.


Fjord Norway Sea Water Scenic

Things to See and do in Norway


Northern Lights

Because of its location, Norway is a wonderful area to see the Northern Lights. You can also witness the incredible white plains of northern Norway perhaps being pulled on a sled by a pack of dogs. Another great activity is whale watching off the coast of Vesteralen to obtain a view of the amazing sperm whales or even have an adventure swimming with killer whales.


Levi Sled Dogs Lapland


A third of Norway’s land mass reaches to the Arctic Circle and for this reason it makes it an ideal vantage point to glimpse the midnight sun and the stunning Aurora Borealis in the northern areas. In three of Norway’s most northern counties of Norway, the sun does not actually set from middle of May until the latter part of July, and these three locations provide an opportunity to play golf in the midnight hours.


Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Sky Night Landscape


During wintertime, when the occurrence of aurora shows up, the fabulous aurora borealis uses the Norweigan skys to put on possibly the planets greatest natural light show. Visitors have the option to enjoy excursions about the city by day and witness the dancing lights of the sky by night.


Aurora Aurora Borealis Borealis Nature Northern


One option is to wait by a fire in quiet reverence for the Northern Lights to begin their performance. The lights, can be a blend of reds, greens and purple shades and are most easily seen where the moons lights glow the least throughout the February, March and October months. Many consider these lights to be the most incredible and ancient of shows the planet has to offer, with a myriad of shapes and forms that will leave you in awe of their majesty.


Northern Lights Norway Miracle The Nature Of The


The Famous Fjords of Norway

Norway is furthermore celebrated for its wonderful fjords and these U-shaped seawater filled valleys were created as the glaciers started to melt following the ice age. In actual fact, Norway features a greater number of fjords than any other nation on the planet. The majority of the fjords may be discovered in the western areas of Norway, and a number of of them have been chosen as World Heritage Sites, which include the Geirangerfjord as well as the Naeroyfjord.


Norway Kjerag Lysebotn Fjord Nature Scandinavia


The Sognefjord is the deepest, lengthiest and narrowest in the Norway, extending for in excess of one hundred miles and happens to be the 2nd longest fjord on earth. The entire fiord is a conservation region, and offers you a chance to experience a unique and most picturesque landscape.


Fjord Norway Songne Nordic


One particular wonderful way to see the fjords of Norway is to take a cruise and discover the farms and villages within the fjord locations. Certain villages are able to just be reached through boats throughout the wintertime with many of the villages  virtually unscathed by means of contemporary development.  The Fjords are discovered by many thousands of travellers each year and delight every time.


Fjord Norway Water Coast Shore Rocks Mountains


They hold a innate splendor and stillness that it is hard to find anywhere else. The entire peninsula of Norway features Fjords ranging from the far south to the extreme northern areas. At any place along the coastline you can enjoy these breathtakingly beautiful  vistas with many extending for miles lined on either side with impressively tall mountains.


Fjord Norway Fjordlandschaft Mountains Landscape



Norway is renowned for its numerous fjords and Geirangerfjord is the most striking amongst them all. Geirangerfjord has deep blue waters which are encircled by soaring cliffs with deserted farm buildings that appear to be falling over cliff edges. This UNESCO World Heritage site is further enhanced by lush vegetation and gushing waterfalls.


Geirangerfjord Norway Waterfall Landscape


Apart from the fjords, there exist lots of parks which present attractive hiking paths and places to camp. You can find possibilities for climbing and walking on glaciers, such as Austfonna, the biggest within Europe, along with several fantastic waterfalls for you to be amazed by like the Voringsfossen.


What to See and do in Norway

What to See and do in Norway


Stave Churches

You have the chance to discover numerous stave churches dotted throughout southern and central areas of Norway. The majority of them were constructed in the medieval times nevertheless, they have remained in an excellent condition . These magical churches are cloaked in tales of trolls and various other legendary creatures and were built in all shapes and sizes. Examples of Stave Churches to visit are the Heddal Stave Church and the Urnes Stave Church.


Stave Church Norway Viking Old Architecture Boot

Throughout the Middle Ages, massive stone cathedrals were erected in many areas of Europe. In Norway, a comparable practice was utilized for construction using wood. As a result of the Vikings’ fascination in boat development and home construction, the method and custom of carving wood was even more pioneered which finished with the building of the stave churches.


Nave Interior Benches Altar Stave Church


There exist numerous kinds of stave churches, however one aspect they share is corner-posts known as staves plus a timber framework together with wall planks standing on sills. These type of walls are referred to as stave walls, consequently the name stave church emerged.


Stave Church Church Norway Cemetery Architecture


The wooden doors and finials of churches are superbly carved. The decorations comprise of a fascinating mix of Christian motifs and what is often thought to be pre-Christian Viking themes containing dragons and animals.

Vigeland Sculpture Park


The Vigeland Park is the largest sculpture park in the world created by a solitary artist, and is among Norway’s most desirable visitor points of interest. The park is open to tourists all throughout the year.


Oslo Norway Sculpture Park Art


The one of a kind sculpture park is the lifetimes work of Gustav Vigeland’s containing in excess of 200 sculptures made from wrought iron, bronze and granite. Completed between the years of 1939 and 1949 Vigeland was also in charge of both the designing and structural laying out of the park.


Sculpture Naked Man Figures Oslo Artwork


Being one of the most talented of Norweigan Sculptors Gustav Vigeland is widely mentioned in travel blogs concerning the best places in Norway to visit. The darker colored sculptures act as an excellent contrast in opposition to the verdant vegetation. You will discover an enormous fountain encircled by a variety of imposing figures each signifying a distinctive element of life explicitly aging, rebirth, death and so on.


Oslo Downtown City Architecture Modern Cityscape



You may wish to start your expedition from the city of Oslo, where the fjords are widespread and you will have access to infinite woodland pastures. This is the capital city of Norway and it holds a rare and marvelous mix of the historical traditions and contemporary urban life. Containing diverse unique museums which are devoted to the celebrated art which consists of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, in addition to further places such as the Viking history and Shi Museum.



Oslo’s Opera House

One stunning  attraction is the new Opera House, established in April 2008 this is definitely worth a visit. Its bold design makes a real statement and it is constructed with granite plus 36,000 slabs of white marble. Partially sunken in the sea, this $700-million architectural masterwork emerges from the fjord similar to a huge chunk of sheet of ice, with its pointed slabs and has the power to astound you at every angle that you view it from.


Oslo Opera House Opera Architecture Norway


Oseberg Viking Ship Museum


Among the most well-liked museums within Oslo, the Oseberg Viking Ship Museum holds 3 of the world’s best maintained Viking ships. These vessels are in excess of 1,100 years in age and were discovered almost a hundred years ago in Oseberg, which happens to be close to Oslo, in Vestfold county. The museum is open every day and in addition features exhibits highlighting fabric and weaving methods from the age of the Vikings, along with a collection of weapons and tools.


Norway Oslo Akershus Fortress


Akershus Fortress


The Akershus Fortress, or Akershus Castle, located within the southeastern area of the city center is a vital component of the history of Oslo. It was in the first instance constructed as a royal residence within the 14th century by King Hakon V, when Oslo originally became Norway’s capital. After this it was reconstructed in the Renaissance style during the the first part of the 17th century by King Christian IV, following a fire which burned down the whole city. These days, you are able to visit the two components of Akershus: Akershus Slottet, which happens to be the castle itself, together with Akershus Festning, the site encircling the castle.


Bergen Bryggene Norway




This must visit attractive and pleasing city is situated with seven mountains and is frequently referred to as “gates to the fjords“. A charming city which has a mix of Norway’s finest qualities, Bergen features lots of appealing places of interest and a unique atmosphere. There are many sights to see, including the Hanseatic harbour being among the most celebrated attractions. The timber houses are extremely colourful and enhance the seafront. It is a good idea to take a cable car ride to the top of Mount Ulriken as this will offer you a fantastic panoramic view.


Bergen Panorama City Sea Fjord Capital View Blue

What to See and do in Norway – Final Words


Throughout your visit to Norway, you can delight in the diverse locations offering one of a kind spectacles and adventures. The country is abounding with uncommon attractions  that splendidly amplifies its distinctive character. Norway is a north European heaven to captivate travellers from everywhere in the world. From the bold majesty of the Fjords to the architectural splendour of the Stave churches through to the irrepressible charm of its cities Norway has much to offer for everyone.



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