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Where is the Best Place to get Married in the Caribbean?

Where is the best place to get married in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has some of the most stunning beaches and scenery to provide for a unique Caribbean wedding experience. These wedding packages packages are becoming a really popular option for those couples who are looking for a wedding destination that can offer genuine style and leave you with priceless memories.



Places in the Caribbean you may wish to consider are the islands of Barbados, St Lucia and Grenada. These locations can offer that incredible beach wedding and also have stunning hotel settings for you to enjoy. Each individual Caribbean Island retains its own unique qualities but what they do all possess is beautiful scenery, some of the world’s finest sandy beaches and as much sunshine as you could wish for. Below I will outline the three mentioned islands and present the characteristics of each.


Where is the best place to get married in the Caribbean

Where is the best place to get married in the Caribbean

Where is the best place to get married in the Caribbean – The Islands

St Lucia

St Lucia is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide this smallish island is part of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean Sea. St Lucia is world renowned as a supreme destination for romance and love, it is not surprising that huge numbers of couples settle on St Lucia as the place to both have their marriage and enjoy their honeymoon. It is possible to have a same-day wedding in St Lucia, and if you are planning to do this be sure to post your documents beforehand.


st lucia sunset


St Lucia is a volcanic island containing a delightful charming landscape with beaches, mountains and rain forests superb for those memorable holiday snaps. There many excellent places for shopping on the island, most of these are in Rodney Bay and Castries. The capital of the Castries has Pointe Seraphine, La Place Carenage and Castries Market all of which are well worth a visit. The cuisine on St Lucia is largely made up from the fresh local produce with fish featuring prominently in the dishes. The vegetables used are extremely fresh and given that delicious flavour by using only the best spices and herbs.


Caribbean Island Petit Piton St Lucia


St Lucia contains many miles of rain forests as well as the awesome Piton mountains. Coupled together with warm welcoming people a dream like tropical climate and gorgeous sandy beaches with fringes of palm trees St Lucia offers the idyllic setting for your perfect wedding.

Barbados is the Caribbean island of music and rhythmic dancing. Just imagine in the tranquil sounds of the waves and sea breeze as you serenade your intended in a Barbados hidden cove. A wedding ceremony is perhaps the most important celebration in most peoples lives. For this reason many couples these days are choosing extra special ways to celebrate this union.



A great way to depart from the traditional wedding is wed on a beach in an extraordinary location like Barbados. Beach weddings are becoming extremely popular not least because following the ceremony the happy couple can enjoy a romance filled honeymoon on a paradise island with no extra travelling.


Caribbean Holiday Hotel Outdoor Palms Barbados


The island’s innate beauty captivates all those looking for a romance filled getaway. On Barbados you can get married in a variety of places like on a church, boat, beneath the cooling shade of a Palm tree or perhaps one of the islands stunning sand beaches. The traditional the church wedding is a good option in Barbados. There are a number of old beautiful historic churches to choose from.


Barbados Beach Caribbean Coast Exotic Holiday


Alternatively you may prefer a Catamaran or yacht wedding and sail out on the open blue sea to enjoy your special day. Barbados possesses a number of impressive plantations houses that are wonderfully maintained and situated breathtaking gardens lined with tall palm trees or perhaps extremely old mahogany trees. These kind of properties provide a perfect historical and backdrop for a unique wedding experience.


Barbados Word Text Handwriting Hand-Drawn Coast


Fantastic packages are offered by a good number of travel hotels in Barbados. There are host of businesses that will supply all your wedding requirements like bakeries, caterers and Flower shops. Consequently if you are searching for that treasured wedding experience, head for the Caribbean island of Barbados.

The Caribbean area is recognized for its immaculate beaches and its incredible coral reefs. Grenada consists of 3 individual islands these are the major islands, the Grenada, Petit Martinique and the Carriacou. The beaches of Grenada mostly have white powder like sand and are framed by palm trees.




There are also two renowned black sandy beaches upon the island which include Black Bay. The black sand is a consequence of the volcanic action which has taken place on the Grenada in its history. The weather conditions of the island are fantastic, specifically on the North Coastline. The mean temperature ranges between a delightful 28 and 31 degrees centigrade.


Grenada Island Beach Seascape Boats Heavy Clouds


Lots of couples choose Grenada for the perfect place to tie the knot. You are just required to be on the island for merely three days before being able to request a marriage certificate. There are many good reputable hotels who are able to help you in the organization of your wedding.


Beach Cake Marriage Grenada Grand Anse


Grenada is certainly among the most desirable locations for weddings and honeymoons. Having your wedding in one of the most picturesque locations on the planet is likely to be a truly memorable occasion. The hotels and resorts on Grenada can actually put the arrangements in place for a priest, catering requirements, wedding videos and photos as well your suite for the honeymoon.



Where is the best place to get married in the Caribbean – Final Thoughts


Its no surprise that many couples want to marry on the stunning beaches of the Caribbean. With its perfect crystal blue waters soft white sandy beaches and dream sunsets no place on earth could appear more wonderful to join two people together in matrimony. For those who don’t want the hassle of planning the wedding staying at an all inclusive resort may be the ideal solution.


Sunset Palm Tree Twilight Red Sky Ocean Sea


All three locations I have highlighted have exceptional qualities but my personal favourite is Barbados I could imagine anywhere more perfect than this island paradise proclaim your love and give you the special wedding memories that will last forever.

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