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Where to go in Sicily – Best Places to See

The island of Sicily has been drawing travellers for many thousands of years due to its stimulating mixture of innate splendour and deep cultural tradition. Tourists from ancient times all the way through to the present have been captivated by all that this Mediterranean island has to give. The cultural heritage of Sicily is totally distinctive and it has been formed  by a broad diversity of influencing factors.



Due to the island historically being a key element of the various Mediterranean trading routes, Sicily has been saturated by a wonderful combination of cultures. As a result it now displays a plethora of influences including Angevin, Catalan, Greek, Muslim, Roman and Norman to name but a few.


Sicily Noto Baroque Church Baroque


In addition to this, the island is able to keep a sizeable amount of its own culture and heritage whilst at the same time absorbing different traditions from all over the globe. As an example, when holidaying in Sicily it is possible to enjoy yourself on a beach that is bursting with life with holidaymakers from all over the world, however if you venture just a touch inland you can encounter orange groves and old-fashioned picturesque Italian villages which symbolize this Sicilian cultural mix.


Where to go in Sicily – Best Places to See


trapani buildings



Trapani is a town which is located along the coastline of western Sicily. The City of Trapani features an historic center and is also home to numerous exceptional monuments which date from diverse points in history, a distinctive and enchanting assortment. One thing the town is venerated for  is its fabulous view of the sun setting.


trapani-sea boats


A strange but beautiful aspect of the town is the scores of windmills scattered throughout the town. It may be a surprise to discover however that these particular windmills are no longer in use and previously they were utilized for the action of grinding salt. One thing to note is the Trapani Coastline which is amongst the most outstanding in  Italy, comprising of breathtaking areas, especially the Gulf of Castellamare, with its stunning beaches perfectly framed by cliffs and stacks.


Mount Etna

Mount Etna continues to be among the most lively volcanoes on the planet and is in a virtually continuous condition of being active. The rich volcanic soils sustain wide-ranging agriculture, together with vineyards and orchards which grow in large numbers on the mountain’s lower slopes. Those people that holiday on the island in search of excitement might look at actually climbing Mount Etna.




It is in fact the highest peak within Italy apart from the Alps and a further point of interest is it is the largest active volcano within Europe. Most vacationers go to the south side of the mountain and then just hike a little way up the volcano. There does exist, though, a different trek that courageous tourists might go on where they are able to navigate to the top for an awe inspiring view into the center of the volcano.




Syracuse is an historical city within Sicily and also the capital of the province of Syracuse. The city is noteworthy for its abundance of Greek history, cultural heritage, amphitheatres and impressive architecture. One more claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of the distinguished mathematician and engineer Archimedes. The 2,700-year-old city performed a major role in the ancient era, at which time it continued to be among the principal powers of the Mediterranean world.


sicily-syracuse church


The foremost attraction is without doubt the Greek theatre which dates from a minimum of the fifth Century BC. The cavea of the theatre is among the biggest ever constructed containing 59 rows which could house as many as 15,000 viewers. The theatre continues to be used to this day for a yearly Greek theatre festival starting from the middle of May through to the end of June.


Where to go in Sicily - Best Places to See

Where to go in Sicily – Best Places to See


Just beyond the city are a number of other significant monuments, like the Temple of Zeus, constructed in the 6 th century BC. Further to this you may wish to check out the Ancient Greek Castle of Euryalos, among the most comprehensive defensive complexes in the whole of Western Europe.

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