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Where to Visit in Marrakech Morocco

The city of Marrakech in Morocco is genuinely one of the most beguiling Middle Eastern metropolitan locations you could possibly visit. On arrival at this striking, unique Moroccan city, you will find yourself wanting to stay for many days or perhaps many weeks. The locals of Marrakech are extremely friendly, there are awe-inspiring palaces to discover and delicious local cuisines to sample.



In addition to this there are incredible mosques, and gardens to explore and a wide choice of items for sale in the city’s celebrated souk markets. Marrakech is without a doubt a must see city for travellers whose main wish is to experience an original and fun packed travel adventure. Of all the cities in Morocco Marrakech is the best location to uncover the delights and charm of Moroccan history.


Where to Visit in Marrakech Morocco

Where to Visit in Marrakech Morocco


Marrakech,  established in approximately 1060 by the Berber Almoravids, is among the nations 4 Imperial Cities. It evolved into the capital of an Islamic empire that reigned and was as wide ranging as to cover central Spain all the way to West Africa. Marrakech has that special ingredient and is one of those rare locations on the planet that can truly transport you to another world. The Red City bedazzles the emotions, fascinates the mind and captivates the soul by the revealing its hidden treasures at every turn. Below I will highlight four of the jewels of Marrakech that everyone needs to see.


Where to Visit in Marrakech Morocco – Best Places to See


Jemaa el-Fnaa

Enjoy Jemaa el-Fnaa – This is the great market square at the heart of Medina in the old part of Marrakech. The Jemaa el-Fnaa continues to be among the most famous squares within Africa and is the core of movement and trading in the city. It has been viewed as a symbolic urban representation, a connection between the history and the present-day, a location where Moroccan culture meets the modern world.


marrakech-town center


This square is vibrant both in the daytime and through the night time hours. You will discover long-established crafted leather goods, a multitude of Moroccan delicacies as well as exotic spices. Adding to the cultural mystique is the sight of snake charmer, belly dancer or occasional acrobat that could cross your path as pass through the square. These days the Jemaa el-Fnaa draws travellers from a variety of places from all over the globe.

The square has a truly magical aura which is only enhanced by the profusion of story-tellers, herb sellers, magicians, monkey trainers, musicians and mystics. The square is encircled by a number of first rate cafes, as a result if the activity becomes too hectic you have the chance to unwind and have a rest.


morocco-spices souk



The city of Marrakesh has the biggest traditional Berber market within Morocco and the representation of the city is strongly connected with its souks. These souks function as the primary shopping draw for the city. The interconnected alleyways are an essential part of the old city, consisting of an immense number of stalls and stores which vary from tiny kiosks to dishevelled shop fronts that transform into sparkling treasure troves as soon as you go inside.


morocco-souk display


The souk of Marrakech happens to be among the biggest in the whole of North Africa and you can discover all kinds of things, from the abundant exotic spices, to all manner of arts and crafts, such as musical instruments, handmade carpets, clothes, furniture and lamps to name just a few items . Traditionally the souks of Marrakesh were separated into shopping sections for particular types of goods, the divides continue to roughly be present however with considerable overlapping. Haggling continues to be an extremely significant component of trading within the souks so don’t be afraid to haggle your price down.


Mosque Marrakesh Morocco


Ben Youssef Mosque

Ben Youssef Mosque, renowned for its green tiled roof and also minaret, is situated in the medina and is Marrakesh’s most ancient mosque. It was initially constructed within the 12th century by the Almoravid Sultan Ali ibn Yusuf in admiration of Yusuf ibn Ali al-Sanhaji. At the time it was erected it was the city’s biggest mosque although nowadays it is 50% of its previous size. It was reconstructed within the 1560s as the earliest Mosque had become ruined by Saadian Sultan Abdallah al-Ghalib. The Ben Youssef Madrassa and Mosque permits visitors to observe the madrasa which is remarkable for the exquisite scripts which have been carved upon it, and you should allocate a couple of hours to enjoy this Marrakech marvel.


Marrakech Architecture Morocco


The Majorelle Gardens

The Majorelle Gardens, have elevated pathways, awesome deep-set pools and with bougainvillea, banana groves and Coconuts and might be better visited in the morning to avoid over heating and the crowds of other visitors. The Majorelle Garden, on Avenue Yacoub el Mansour was previously the home to landscape painter Jacques Majorelle. The property was purchased by the renowned designer Yves Saint Laurent who restored the property which has a stele constructed in his honour. The garden has been open to the public since 1947 and retains a considerable assortment of plants from 5 different continents which include plants like bamboo, cacti and palms.


Where to Visit in Marrakech Morocco – Final Thoughts

When you are standing in the center of those red city walls, you will recognize for certain that you are experiencing a eternal, changeless getaway with a Marrakech holiday. However be sure to take it all in and make the most of your adventure to this mesmerizing unique place. A Marrakech city break will unquestionably offer you numerous treasured memories of this pleasing and enigmatic city, where the ancient meets the modern with enchanting allure it will transport you to a one of a kind and astounding world.


Mosque Morocco Marrakech

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